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Founder & Artisan
Silvio Bordoni
Silvio, the founder of Nestart, took his first steps in his father's workshop as a child wearing overalls, which he never abandoned. He built swords and toy soldiers for his friends and was animated by a deep fascination for the environment of the workshop, which was also the realm of his games. 

The craft of carpentry accepts no excuses; it requires flair and creativity. Silvio quickly learned a truth that would accompany him for life: everything comes through the hands. These same hands, soiled with iron dust and oil, brought him the reproach of his teacher, but over the course of thirty years, they have given rise to an unstoppable succession of projects and ideas.
Inspiration finds its origin in the act of touching matter; it is through touch that the creative engine is ignited. Hands possess a primordial wisdom, a wisdom that deserves our trust, and Silvio has always placed his trust in them.

"It brings me joy to witness the boundless possibilities that lay before me. I may appear like a child, and in many ways, I am. My thoughts are clear, my actions resolute, and it fills my heart with laughter.

With a touch of irony, I observe myself as I think, rethink, create, do, and undo. It is a continuous cycle of laughter and introspection. I gaze at the clouds, catching glimpses of their intricate outlines. I then capture them, immortalizing their essence.

The pursuit of eternal surprises is my game, and it fuels my passion for creation."
(Silvio Bordoni)
Over 50 years ago, in the town of Rolo within the province of Reggio Emilia, Bordoni Bonfiglio s.r.l. was born. This exceptional company draws upon the rich heritage of artisan traditions, specializing in the crafts of ironworking and woodworking.

At its core, Bordoni Bonfiglio s.r.l. can trace its lineage back to a family of skilled blacksmiths, woodworkers, and inlayers, where mastery and ingenuity meld seamlessly in the union of hands and lathe. 

Since its inception in 1968, the company's unwavering focus has been directed towards the art of ironworking, harnessing the potential of state-of-the-art laser technology. In the pursuit of excellence, Bordoni Bonfiglio s.r.l. demonstrates meticulous attention to detail by carefully selecting raw materials, preferring the esteemed SSAB for their projects.
Our work entails an adventurous exploration of the vast possibilities inherent in steel, captivatingly leading us towards unforeseen and innovative results, as we reimagine surfaces with the aid of laser-cut technologies.

Thus commences the transformative journey of the steel sheet, which takes on various forms such as a captivating decorative panel, a functional partition wall, a stylish flooring solution, a meticulously crafted piece of furniture, or even a captivating work of art. Every object that emerges from our workshop possesses a distinctive essence, rendering it utterly unique and irreplicable in the same manner. This exclusivity is safeguarded by Bordoni's diverse range of productive capabilities, allowing us to accommodate the myriad demands of our discerning clientele.
Contrary to the conventional approach of designing and then bending materials around a predetermined concept, Nestart sets itself apart by prioritizing the material, allowing it to dictate the creative process. Hence, randomness plays a vital role in our work. The shape and configuration of each scrap sheet are contingent on the exigencies of production, rendering them uncontrollable and unique.

The interplay between the solids and voids of every sheet imbues a sense of novelty and imbues our work with a distinct and innovative perspective. Such avant-garde transformations evolve and harken back to the hallowed depths of memory, reminiscent of childhood experiences marked by purity and innocence.

Peering through the voids evokes a natural and instinctual sensation that allows one to perceive figures and images hidden within the shaped holes. This childlike fascination brings to the fore elements such as a bell, an angel, a can opener, a mouse hole, a keyhole or even a submarine amongst others.
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