would you like to collaborate? 
Nestart's doors have been opened to artists and designers with different logistical and cultural backgrounds. The Nestart experience is choral and was born with the idea of being a crossroads of relationships.

The steel sheet lends itself to infinite readings based on the sensitivity and interpretation of the observer. Our creativity is at the service of yours. Within Nestart we can
realize any project you have in mind. We provide high-tech machinery and long-standing craftsmanship knowledge.

To believe in a better future, we must first work so that there is a possible future, and the only way is through sustainability and the circular economy. A reconversion guided by beauty, where aesthetics becomes ethics.
Let's get to know each other
If you're interested in owning a piece of Nestart, or if you're a designer, architect, or artist looking to collaborate and create something outstanding, feel free to reach out to us!
+39 342 631 0551
Via Livello, 9/11, 42047, Rolo (RE) - Italy
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