It all begins in Rolo
More than 50 years ago, in town of Rolo located in the province of Reggio Emilia, a remarkable journey began with the establishment of Bordoni Bonfiglio s.r.l. This visionary company, deeply rooted in artisan traditions, brought together a family of skilled blacksmiths, woodworkers, and inlayers.

Their exceptional mastery and ingenuity were evident in the seamless union of their skilled hands and the precision of their lathe. Since 1968, Bordoni Bonfiglio s.r.l. has been solely dedicated to the craft of ironworking, leveraging state-of-the-art laser technology to push the boundaries of their craftsmanship. Their commitment to excellence extends further as they diligently select the finest raw materials, with SSAB being their preferred choice.
“You are no longer who you were, and it is right that you should be.”
At our company, we embark on an exploration of steel's vast potential, pushing the boundaries of what is expected and creating novel outcomes. Our work involves breathing new life into steel sheets and rejuvenating them into functional yet stylish items like decorative panels, partition walls, floors, furniture pieces,.

The end result is a truly unique and one-of-a-kind object, characterized by its own individuality and beauty. What sets our products apart is our innovative use of laser-cut technologies, which enables us to create stunning surfaces that are modern and refined yet rugged enough to withstand the passage of time. And it is Bordoni's diversity of productive nesting that guarantees this.
In Nestart, we approach creativity in an entirely unique and unconventional way. Unlike the traditional method of designing and then molding materials to fit the intended design, Nestart puts the material first, allowing it to guide the design process. This approach lends an element of unpredictability and randomness to the creative process.

As we work with scrap sheets, we never know how the material will take shape, as it is highly dependent on the production needs of the day. Therefore, the design process is not entirely controllable, and this is where the element of chance comes into play.

By allowing the material to take the lead, we create forms and patterns that are often unexpected and open up new perspectives. This requires a fresh perspective and an open mind, similar to the way children look at the world with wonder and awe. In fact, our transformation process aims to evoke the sense of innocence and purity that is so often associated with childhood.

When looking at our work, one can see a range of figures and images emerge from the negative spaces created by the shaped holes. The viewer is encouraged to use their imagination and instincts, as one might do when looking at clouds or other abstract shapes. From bell shapes to mouse holes, each piece contains a unique set of visuals that are open to interpretation.

At Nestart, our unconventional approach to creativity and design creates one-of-a-kind pieces that are full of wonder, personality, and creativity.
Silvio, the founder of Nestart, was introduced to the magical realm of carpentry at a very young age – it was his father's workshop where he first laid his eyes on the world of creativity. Even in those early days, he showed a deep fascination towards the environment and the tasks being performed, which he also utilized to build swords and toy soldiers for his friends. This inclination towards carpentry helped him realize the importance of creativity and its foundation in carpentry, which he has carried with him throughout his life.

Silvio learned a fundamental concept from his early years – how everything depends on our hands. Carpentry is a craft that demands intuition and creativity, and it all comes to life as soon as the hands take action. While this often resulted in Silvio getting his hands dirty with iron dust and oil, he remained ambitious, diligent, and unrestrained in his pursuit of success.

In Silvio's view, inspiration comes from touching matter – it's the creative force that motivates people to bring their ideas to life. Such insights and the primordial wisdom passed down through generations should be trusted and perpetuated, and Silvio has remained faithful to this approach.

"I still feel like a child," Silvio shares. "It's fun to explore and challenge myself with diverse projects. I tend to take decisive action and look for opportunities to learn and grow. I also like to laugh at myself for being overly analytical and critical at times while creating, uncreating and recomposing. Just like I would look at the clouds and give them a shape, I try to turn even abstract concepts into something tangible and eternal.

For me, creativity is all about perpetual surprise, and I have made it my life's work to stay true to this mantra."
Nestart - collection metamorphosis ...
“ Look over there is a new splendor,

created by someone with what's left.
After completing his studies at Milan Polytechnic, Stefano Lodesani made the bold decision to move to San Francisco. There, he continued to expand his knowledge and skills by pursuing further education at the esteemed California College of Art and Craft and Berkeley University. In 2010, he took a significant step in his career by founding his own studio.

Stefano's diverse range of interests led him to delve into various fields such as architecture, design, and graphic design. With his distinctive style and innovative approach, he has successfully designed and worked on projects for private residences, boutiques, showrooms, and exhibition stands around the world. His work has even earned him recognition in the ADI Design Index and a spot as a finalist for the prestigious Compasso d'Oro 2018 award in the food design category.

In addition to his accomplishments in design, Stefano also ventured into the world of art. In 2017, he curated the exhibition "Confessionals" by Michael Kenna, showcasing his ability to blend artistic concepts with design principles. In 2019, he dedicated another exhibition to Antonio Fontanesi at the civic museums of Reggio Emilia, further expanding his artistic endeavors.

Since 2020, Stefano has collaborated with Nestart, lending his expertise to projects like Fooi, Creo, Ode, and Zeno. His extensive experiences have honed his ability to perceive the most harmonious solutions and, above all, to distill them into tangible objects.

For Stefano, design is a meticulous endeavor that relies on attention to detail, measuring within centimeters and even millimeters. Over time, his trained eye has developed into a natural instinct, enabling him to invent his own golden rule, his own sense of beauty and proportion.

Stefano's commitment to his craft and his relentless pursuit of perfection continue to propel him forward, leaving a lasting impact in the design world.
Sapiens Design was established in Milan when Alessandro Mattia and Gloria Gianatti, both graduates in Product and Interior Design from Politecnico di Milano, crossed paths.

Throughout their careers, they have achieved various accolades and participated in exhibitions both in Italy and abroad, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2019 and two A'design Awards in 2020 and 2021. One of these awards was specifically for their collaboration with Nestart on the Pan coat rack. The underlying concept guiding their work is the constant interaction between the subject and the object.

Each object created by Sapiens Design possesses its own individuality and narrative, making it a unique case in itself. "Working with Nestart, we aimed to enhance the value of waste materials. Our starting point was the analysis of the production process, transforming two-dimensional sheets into three-dimensional objects.

Our challenge was to minimize waste and optimize the utilization of the material in all its dimensions. We intentionally avoided sharp edges, instead opting to create warm and softened shapes with minimal machining. These surfaces exude a distinct character that is enhanced with a new aesthetic, linked to the idea of reclamation," explains the team.

Some of the collaborative projects between Sapiens Design and Nestart include Labo, Continuum, and Pan. These designs highlight the team's commitment to sustainability and the art of transforming discarded materials into functional and visually appealing creations.
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