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ZENO - Metal Table and Chairs
Modern coffee tables
ZENO metal table and chairs is a set composed of stools and a coffee table crafted in steel.
The stool features elegant curved forms and a cantilever seat, while the accompanying side table mirrors these shapes and incorporates the intricate ‘Tarsìa Rolese’ pattern on its surface.

As a result, the stool legs retain empty perforations that maintain their aesthetic appeal and carry the signature style of Nestart, while the table is filled with these forms, creating a cohesive and visually striking composition.
Ready and shipped in 4 weeks
ZENO set of metal table and chair
Metamorphosis collection
From a formal perspective, ZENO metal table and chairs embody simplicity, reflection and meditation. Inspired by the principles of Zen balance, the design finds its authenticity in the flexion of the steel sheet, which, when welded, extends gracefully to showcase the steel's potential.

The varied perforations resulting from industrial scrap give the object its distinctive aesthetic, making each piece unique and original. These perforations define the appearance and image of the object, serving as an integral part of its overall volume.
Designer & Architect: Stefano Lodesani

Metamorphosis collection
Are you looking for a metal garden table and chairs? ZENO metal outdoor table and chairs is the perfect solution! Its high-quality and minimalist design will transform your outdoor spaces, making them special and a place where you can have some relaxing time alone or enjoy with your guests.

The low steel table and stools set can be used indoors too! Create your little ambience for tea parties with metal patio table and chairs.
Designer & Architect: Stefano Lodesani

ZENO metal bistro set
ZENO sustainable furniture from scrap metal
Metamorphosis collection
ZENO metal table and chairs are not only furniture, they're environmentally conscious furniture. This product is made of high-quality material, which makes it durable and ZENO metal outdoor table and chairs require minimal upkeep. 

It embodies sustainability, the love for a healthy lifestyle and the passion for designed furniture. By choosing ZENO, you will be part of Nestart and our mission to a better future!
Designer & Architect: Stefano Lodesani

Modern Coffee Table for interior & exterior
Available either textured, painted or customized

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