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PAN - Coat Rack
Metamorphosis collection
PAN is a pair of coat racks, each with a different height, crafted entirely from reclaimed steel. The manufacturing process begins with a two-dimensional sheet, but the transformation results in a captivating three-dimensional form with intricate facets that create a sculptural effect, engaging in a dialogue with light and the surrounding environment.
Ready and shipped in 4 weeks
Custom coat rack design
The design of PAN draws inspiration from the expansive beauty
of large corals and the intricate textures found in shrubs.
This organic vision has been adapted to showcase the
inherent strength and versatility of metal,
resulting in a unique interpretation.
Designers: Sapiens Design Studio

Poltrona Fooi per interni ed esterni
Disponibile sia materico, verniciato o personalizzato
Pan - Innovative coat hanger
PAN is a masterpiece of design innovation.
It takes reclaimed steel, a material often associated
with industrial applications, and transforms it into a sculptural and functional piece of art.
The recognition of PAN with the A'Design Award underlines
its exceptional design and craftsmanship.
Designers: Sapiens Design Studio

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