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ODE - Metal Bookcase
Metamorphosis collection
ODE is an innovative modular steel bookcase that showcases intuitive joints and distinctive independent load-bearing elements. Its assembly system is designed to be simple and essential, offering endless possibilities.

By ingeniously utilizing salvaged sheet metal, the self-contained upright element is created. The ODE metal bookcase can be effortlessly assembled and disassembled, allowing for the creation of new and captivating regular or decomposed forms.

Ready and shipped in 4 weeks
Modular shelving system
The essence of the ODE metal bookshelf lies in its concept of composition and poetry, as reflected in its assembly system that emphasizes simplicity and endless potential.

Just like an ode in a musical score, where the positioning of notes on the staff can change the symphony, ODE's uprights, with their rounded contours and horizontal lines, allow for alterations in the position and orientation of the elements, thereby creating a delightful interplay of compositions that enhances its aesthetic value. ODE stainless steel bookcase harmoniously merges design, functionality, and the art of composition.
ODE modular book case
Modular shelving system
In 2023, ODE metal bookcase arrived 2nd at the KIOSKedia Award in the Furniture Decorative Items Category. Thanks to Stefano Lodesani for designing the product and Nestart for making it, ODE won the award with its extreme simplicity of the assembly procedure and its eco-sustainability vision.
Designers & Architect: Stefano Lodesani

Modular shelving system
Beyond its aesthetic appeal, ODE also places value on sustainability. Its decomposable nature significantly reduces the need for excessive packaging, making it an environmentally conscious choice. Embracing the principles of circular economy, ODE steel bookcase offers a solution for self-contained and sustainable transport by minimizing the packaging required for the metal uprights.

Additionally, the use of regularly-shaped planks enables production to be outsourced to local carpenters, reducing transportation costs and promoting a more localized approach.
Ode sustainable modular book shelf
Ode black book shelf nestart
Modular shelving system
ODE is not just a piece of furniture, it’s a sculpture and a piece of art. You can choose between a low metal bookcase and a tall metal bookcase, but you can also choose the colors.
Metal bookshelf ODE can be placed near a wall or in the middle of a room to separate the spaces. In any case, this modern metal bookshelf will complete your interiors and will attract everybody’s attention!

Moreover, the ODE metal bookcase is perfect for offices or any other working ambience.
Modular shelving system
Available either textured, painted or customized

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