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FOOI - Metal Bench
Metamorphosis collection
The FOOI metal bench comes to life from a single sheet of steel, a production nesting scrap normally destined for casting, and here redeveloped and enhanced.

The sheet, two-dimensional and neutral, thanks to a series of folds, gains centimeters in height, and achieves the volume three-dimensional volume of an indoor or metal outdoor armchair.

Ready and shipped in 4 weeks
Where does the name come from?
The FOOI metal bench, whose name originates from the local dialect of Reggio Emilia, meaning "foglio" or "sheet," is a collaborative masterpiece by Stefano Lodesani Studio in partnership with Silvio Bordoni.

The genesis of the FOOI steel armchair is a testament to the beauty of transformation and sustainability. It breathes life into a single sheet of reclaimed steel, which, in the normal course of production, would have been destined for the melting pot.

 Instead, this piece is reclaimed and celebrated.
Designer & Architect: STEFANO LODESANI

FOOI outdoor metal bench made from scrap metals
Where to use Fooi metal bench?
Thanks to its minimalist design and clean lines, FOOI metal bench has the power and the elegance to adapt to any space. For indoor, FOOI steel armchair can be used in the living room, in your relax area or even in your bedroom.

FOOI steel bench is designed in order to be used outdoors as well… it will become the main spot for your summer parties or when you will want to just have some time in your garden!

Metal bench made from eco-friendly material
FOOI metal bench is not only an armchair, it's environmentally conscious furniture. This product is made of high-quality material, which makes FOOI durable and requires minimal upkeep. 

It embodies all our efforts for sustainability, the love for art and design furniture. By choosing FOOI, you will be part of Nestart and our mission to a better future!

New life to raw materials
Custom length and colours
Available either textured, or the paint customized according to your tastes.

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