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CREO - Coffee Table
Contemporary coffee table designs
Set of coffee tables that blend the worlds of design and art. Versatility is inherent in CREO's design DNA. Its uncomplicated assembly and disassembly process
make it incredibly user-friendly, without the need for
screws or complex tools.
Ready and shipped in 4 weeks
Metamorphosis collection
The fluidity of its curved lines and the availability of
various heights allow it to seamlessly adapt to any given context.

CREO can also be utilized as a podium or platform to showcase
other art objects that you have at home.

More than just a coffee table, CREO has the ability to transform into a chair or serve as an authentic design piece or by incorporating additional art pieces, CREO provides a stunning platform to elevate and display other artistic creations.
Designer & Architect: STEFANO LODESANI

Creative coffee table designs
Available either textured, painted or customized

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