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CONTINUUM - Coffee Table
Contemporary coffee table designs
ZENO is a set composed of stools and a coffee table crafted in metals.
The stool features elegant curved forms and a cantilever seat,
while the accompanying side table mirrors these shapes and
incorporates the intricate Tarsìa Rolese pattern on its surface.
Ready and shipped in 4 weeks
Metamorphosis collection
The calendering technique allows for the material to be folded
upon itself, perpetuating an idea of circularity and continuity.
The bending of the steel sheets defines new points in space.
The design phase focuses on optimizing the use of scrap material,
aiming to create this dual life for the product. "CONTINUUM.
Draws inspiration from the continuity of materials and the
eternal return philosophy of the circular economy.
Designers: Sapiens Design Studio

Modern Coffee Table for interior & exterior
Available either textured, painted or customized
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