During the Milan Design Week 2024, which runs from April 16th to 21st, the Italian Confederation of Craft Trades and Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (CNA) presents its second edition of the Fuoriserie Showcase Event.

This year, the exhibition explores the theme "Tangible – Intangible", investigating the boundary between what is material and what is immaterial. The spaces of Superstudio Più host selected design pieces for their high craftsmanship value, physically exhibited during the SuperDesign Fair. Additionally, other equally valuable events and spaces are available, offering an immersive and innovative experience thanks to augmented reality technology.

FUORISERIE Showcase Event

Curated by Sapiens Design Studio and Stefano Lodesani Studio, the exhibition aims to highlight those small and medium-sized enterprises where practical skills, knowledge of construction techniques and materials, along with respect for traditions, combine with experimentation, innovation and future orientation. This gives rise to unique and durable products, made with care and able to best meet the needs of modern life.

Tangible-Intangible: Main Theme

The theme chosen for this year's event is "Tangible - Intangible." The technological evolution of recent years is gradually blurring the spatial and temporal boundaries related to the enjoyment of products and services. Fuoriserie Showcase therefore intends to offer an opportunity to small and medium-sized artisanal realities, encouraging them to explore the boundary between what is material and what is immaterial. At the same time, they are provided with the necessary tools to embark on this journey towards deeper integration with advanced present-day technologies.

SUPERSTUDIO PIÙ looks to the Future

In the Superstudio Più location, the 'Fuoriserie Tangible – Intangible' event presents a selection of design objects from companies in the interior design sector. These objects embody the Italian artisan tradition, distinctive of small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to the exhibited objects, it is possible to enjoy other spaces through an innovative virtual reality technology developed in collaboration with Würth's Phigital division. Simply scan a QR code with a smartphone or wear special goggles to view virtual objects within the exhibition space.

Nestart x FUORISERIE Showcase

We at Nestart are digitally present through virtual reality technology. In fact, using your smartphone, you will be able to view and project one of our products into the surrounding spaces. Representing Nestart's Metamorphosis collection will be FOOI, our armchair made using high-quality metal destined to be discarded. FOOI, whose name originates from the local dialect of Reggio Emilia, means "sheet" and is the result of collaboration between Silvio Bordoni and the Stefano Lodesani Studio.

The FOOI steel armchair is a testament to the beauty of transformation and sustainability. It is born from a single reclaimed steel sheet, which, in the normal course of production, would have been destined to be discarded; instead, it transforms into a work of art.

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