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Boutique in the Historic Center
An innovative and groundbreaking project for a fur shop in the center of Verona. The construction began in October 2019 and concluded in December. One of the most challenging aspects of the project was ensuring that Nestart's installation, made with industrial processing of metallic raw materials (Swedish steel from SSAB), also served as passive defense against potential intruders.

The commercial space is located in Piazza Bra, in the heart of Verona, within a historical building dating back to the 12th century, with walls adjoining two other businesses. The spaces had to be transformed innovatively, with furnishings suitable for beauty while also featuring an anti-intrusion vault.

The new image of the atelier was supported by the collaboration with Rossetti Verniciature, which, with technical expertise and availability, assisted in the choice of the color "Ottone Odessa."

The client, Mariarosa Turrina, also wanted to use the upper floor of the shop, which was protected by the Superintendence of Fine Arts, with a frescoed wall and a decorated coffered ceiling. This was made possible thanks to our custom-designed display shelves, positioned separately from the frescoed wall with a bridge-like application between the two end walls.

The project was completed with LED lighting studied in collaboration with Reled from Reggio Emilia and the use of stainless steel with a mirror finish, a beautiful novelty from Nestart. Thus, Nestart's first project was born at the end of 2019, with heart, strength, ability, and passion.
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