Creative Director & Digital 3D Artist
Ace Spagni
With a passion for merging the magic of digital and traditional art, Ace's creativity knows no bounds. He strongly believes in the fusion of these two worlds, seamlessly blending reality with the virtual.

Having graduated from the Philippine Digital Academy and the "Film & Media Arts International Academy," where he honed his skills in visual arts, Ace brings over 8 years of experience in visual communication to the table. His impressive journey has led him to work with international software tech and robotics startups like RM, Kuka, and Noaya. Along the way, he has embarked on artistic adventures in Shanghai, Manila, and Reggio Emilia, collaborating on projects for renowned brands such as Marriott Hotel and Huawei Shanghai.

Ace's latest venture, Nestart, serves as a platform for him to pursue his passion further. His goal is to blend his love for digital and traditional art, creating immersive experiences that make a lasting impact on audiences. With Ace at the helm, be prepared to be transported into a world where art and technology harmoniously coexist.
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