Dubai Design Week

From November 8 to November 11, Nestart was present at Dubai for the 10th edition of the leading fair for contemporary and high-quality design in the Middle East. Dubai Design Week is an International showcase for renowned design brands and manufactures alongside individual designers, collectives and studios from around the globe.
Nestart in Dubai with down town Dubai CNA Reggio Emilia e ICE Italia
Nestart x Downtown Design
Nestart has been selected by ICE, the Agency for the promotion abroad and internationalization of Italian companies, which in collaboration with the associations Confartigianato and CNA (Italian Confederation of Craft Trades and Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises), has proposed and organized the collective participation of Italian companies, operating in the furniture and home accessories sector, at the Downtown Design fair in Dubai.
Our Exhibition
The first on the list is PAN, our coat rack inspired by large sea coral reefs, born from the collaboration with Sapiens Design Studio. The various components of Pan fit together, making use of practically 100% of the steel sheet they come from.
The second one is FOOI, our indoor and outdoor armchair, created in collaboration with Stefano Lodesani Studio. Starting from the two-dimensional sheet, it reaches three-dimensionality, exclusively given by a series of folds and curves. A process that emphasizes the idea of recovering waste material and the importance of the resulting craftsmanship.
Finally, we decided to bring with us the coffee table CREO. An idea by Stefano Lodesani Studio. We are very fond of Creo because it offered us the opportunity to collaborate with different artists, who were entrusted with decorating the top of the table. The legs of the table become like a three-dimensional frame that lifts off the ground.
Art & Cinema
Two years ago, we started a collaboration with Andrea Cagnetti, also known as Akelo, a multi-talented artist, a master goldsmith - the only one in the world to use the Etruscan granulation technique - and an astonishing magnetic sculptor.

With immense joy, one of his busts was exhibited at Downtown Design, in the same stand as Nestart.

We are particularly honored, because the bust in question was used in the film House of Gucci (2021), directed by Ridley Scott with Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, and Jared Leto.
Special Colors
Color, above all, perhaps even more than drawing, is a liberation.” HENRI-EMILE MATISSE

We have always associated Nestart's work with a meticulous and careful exploration of colors. Color serves as a guardian of form and, at the same time, as its extension. It offers new perspectives, brings to life subworlds, and, just as Matisse claimed, liberates.

For Dubai, we thought it would be interesting to further explore this concept.
We revisited our Fooi armchair, drawing inspiration from the straight lines and primary colors that characterize Matisse's paintings. In addition to blue, white, black, yellow, and red, we have also included green as a tribute to the United Arab Emirates flag.
Nestart in Dubai with down town Dubai 2023 CNA Reggio Emilia e ICE Italia
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