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Milan Design Week

At Via Tortona 27 in Milan, Nestart showcased its collections during Milano Design Week 2021. Inside Superstudio Più, from September 4 to September 10, 2021, the R/EVOLUTION project took place, emphasizing creative processes of innovation, sustainability, and uniqueness. Curated exhibitions enrich the exhibition format addressing current themes in a fresh exhibition context.
Nestart x Superstudio Più
Nowadays, fairs and thematic expositions are asked to evolve, towards hybrid and engaging concepts. The Superstudio Più area is an international hub that, for twenty years, has been a spokesperson for innovation and creativity, with a path that renews values ​​of concreteness, innovation, inclusivity, and interconnection.

Nestart is part of the “DISCOVERING” project, successfully experimenting once again with materials, design and the nesting art. The Superstudio Più event celebrates the meeting between designers and companies in a collaboration aimed at generating sustainable and forward-thinking solutions.The path dedicated to contemporary design, creativity, and future-oriented has been curated by Fulvia Ramogida.
Milano Design Week 2021: Nestart, Collaborations and New Projects
Sapiens Design and Stefano Lodesani Studio share this eco-sustainable philosophy and, during a ‘creativity’ meeting, four collections were born. In exposition at Superstudio Più for the Milan Design Week 2021 were:

 - PAN
 - ODE

Four collections made collaboratively, with the finishing touch of AP Designs.
Our Exhibition
The PAN coat rack and the CONTINUUM coffee table set with poufs, in collaboration with Sapiens Design, rediscover three-dimensionality starting from a sheet of steel. Their shapes were born from the optimization and study of metal scraps, recovering material and harnessing its potential. The entire project sees the components interlocking with each other, utilizing almost 100% of the steel plate from which they derive. Together, they have created a series of sculptural products that interact with light and the environment.

The collaboration with Stefano Lodesani Studio takes shape in ODE, a modular bookcase, and ZENO, a low table and stools set. The two collections explore the simplicity of shapes born from the study of the potential of steel, creating new volumes with original identities.
It takes inspirationfrom nature, the grand corals, and the patterns of shrubs.
It expresses the continuity of matter and the eternal return of the philosophy of the circular economy.
It is like a musical score where the uprights, made of roundness and horizontal lines, allow changing the position of the notes on the staff, thereby varying the symphony.
Conceived around the "zen" balance, it finds its authenticity in the bending of the sheet metal to express simplicity, reflection, and meditation.
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